Inclusion and Diversity Directory

Joining the dots rather than re-inventing the wheel

Our Inclusion & Diversity Directory (powered by DotInsights) aims to map all organisations, initiatives, tools and services across the UK that operate in the inclusion and diversity (I&D) space. By bringing this information together in one place, we aim to facilitate organisations collaborating to enhance the impact of their work. We want this to be a resource through which businesses and talent can surface organisations, tools and  opportunities relevant/local to them. The Directory is free to use, free to be listed in and publicly available. By working with others our collective resources can go further towards making tech truly inclusive and diverse.

Use the Directory in the following ways:

  • Find initiatives or organisations you could work with on I&D by exploring the Directory.
  • Get wider reach for your own initiatives by adding them to the Directory. Scroll to the bottom of the page for instructions on how to do this. 
  • Use our Directory / data on your own website or platform. We are happy to share our Directory with organizations that have similar goals. Get in touch to speak to us about collaborating.



To add to the Inclusion and Diversity Directory, please follow these three steps:

  1. Check whether a) your organisation and b) your initiative are already listed by searching the Inclusion & Diversity Directory.
  2. If your organisation is not listed, add it using this Organisation Form. You must ensure that the blue TTC box at the bottom of the form stays ticked.
  3. Once your organisation is added, or if it was already in the directory, add your initiative using this Initiatives Form
    Here are more detailed instructions with examples and FAQs.