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Share & learn: How to create accessible and inclusive onboarding and career progression

Date: Wednesday, 17th April 2024

Time: 12.00 - 12.45

Location: Zoom meeting

Research in 2023 by AWS recruitment agency, Jefferson Frank, revealed that 63% of disabled tech workers face qualification barriers. This follows recent UK government data suggesting that the disability employment gap of working-age disabled people reached a five year-high in 2022, the widest since 2018.

In order to make disability inclusion more than just a tick-box exercise that happens at the point of hire, we need to look at how we are enabling disabled people to experience meaningful careers, and this includes looking at their experience after they have been hired, and their progression.

In this Share & Learn session, TTC’s Lexie Papaspyrou will be meeting with Lizi Green from AbilityNet where they will be discussing how to create accessible and inclusive onboarding and career progression.

About AbilityNet

AbilityNet is a pioneering UK charity that provides free online resources, and a network of over 300 community-based volunteers to ensure individuals can utilise digital technology, irrespective of disability or age.

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