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Tech Talent Charter -  April/May Diversity and Inclusion Hackathon 2022 sponsored by CWJobs and KPMG

Tuesday, 26th April 10:00 – 11:00


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Open Playbook Optimised

12th October 10.00 - 11.00 am | FREE

Tech Talent Charter (TTC) October 2021 Hackathon

Open Playbook Optimised

29 June to 29 July 2021 | FREE

TTC Hackathon: how to drive diversity and inclusion within a start-up and scale-up environment

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20 Apr - 14 May 2021 | FREE

TTC Hackathon: social mobility, tech apprenticeships, diversity data and tough conversations


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Some of the products created at recent hackathons

How to gather workforce inclusion and diversity data

This was the winning employer product produced by a team of subject matter experts during our Spring 2021 Hackathon.

Tackling Bias and Unacceptable Behaviour Hackathon
Tackling bias and unacceptable behaviour

In our November 2020 hackathon, a team produced a roadmap sharing what organisations should be do to tackle bias and unacceptable behaviour.

Open Playbook post its-1
Roadmap for a data-driven diversity & inclusion strategy

Produced by a team of experts during our May 2020 Hackathon.

Flexible Working-1
How to permanently adopt remote working and succeed at different models of remote working

In the November 2020 hackathon, one team of experts explored a successful remote working pathway model, including what characteristics are shared by high performing remote teams, as well as checklists for both employers and employees.

Black Empl
Making organisations inclusive for black employees

Our July 2020 hackathon was all about how organisations can become more inclusive for black employees. The teams produced four new products: How to recruit black employees; Education and allyship; Promoting, developing and retaining black employees; Black employee networks.

Past hackathons

In collaboration with our Signatory companies and sponsors, we host regular hackathons with subject matter experts to develop new products on specific topic areas for the Open Playbook. We use working lunches to find out about new strategies and case studies that are then added to the Open Playbook. 

What people say 

We held a panel discussion on Friday 12th June 2020 with members from a range of different Signatory organisations. In this excerpt, they explain why they love TTC Hackathons. View on YouTube.

What to expect

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Don't know what to expect from a #TTCHackathon? Check out this hackathon diary from Sei Moon, MBA Moonstory who co-led the Education and Allyship Team. Read More

Feedback from TTC Hackathon attendees

I grew in confidence, feeling free of the “but will it work and meet the requirements” doubts that I often carry when working on code-based solutions. The creative aspect of this hackathon intrigued me, and I am really proud that our end product is full of facts but also gives a few highly visual and practical ways to think about difficult conversations. Olwen Davies, ECS
The hackathons have been really beneficial both in terms of learning from others on what can be done to impact EDI&I within my company & also by giving me a feeling of taking action rather than just a talking shop Kunjal Tanna, LT Harper
Rather than re-writing the playbook, being part of the TTC community allows you to access a wide range of resources including their toolkits, playbooks and events to help support you in your own D&I journey. We encourage other organisations to also pledge their commitment to the delivery of greater diversity in the technology and digital industry and take part in events and hackathons to cross share knowledge to work together to create a more diverse and inclusive industry. eSynergy Solutions
You always leave with a golden nugget. (By attending TTC hackathons) you are always enriching your experience even when you think you've got this D&I thing covered. It's absolutely buzzing with energy and participation. Sara Milne, Chief Technology Officer, Lloyds Banking Group
The rewarding factor (of attending TTC hackathons) is that you're contributing to things like the Open Playbook which is really powerful and for me really important. Kunjal Tanna, Cybersecurity recruiter, LT Harper
At D&I events there is usually just a lot of talking. Where all of the TTC events that I have been involved in has offered practical learnings that you can implement straight away. It is worthwhile attending the events and getting involved. This has been the difference between TTC events and others talking about similar topics. Anushka Davies, Head of Talent, Engagement & Diversity, Softcat
I've never really been to a diversity event where everyone in the room comes from a completely different perspective. You can learn from your peers from a similar kind of industry with similar roles, but to be in the same room and have the perspective of an HR person, a founder, an internal recruiter or an agency recruiter and you're all coming at the same problem from a different angle just gives you that deeper level of learning and experience that you wouldn't get outside of a TTC event. Dania Lyons, Spinks

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