Employer action: how Beazley is transforming harmful online searches about suicide into a journey of hope with R;pple

Beazley has set out to tackle the stigma around mental health at work. Here are insights from their work with R;pple - a digital crisis intervention tool that gets people the mental health support they need.

Why we set up a Wellbeing network at Beazley

Beazley Wellbeing is one of the company’s eight employee networks. It was formed in early 2020 by a group of employees with a passion for wellbeing, supporting colleagues, and opening up the discussion about wellbeing and mental health in the workplace.  Over the years the network has grown and become more established, with a small group of network leads and Executive sponsorship plus two key areas of focus,

  • Promoting the importance of positive mental wellbeing.
  • Support for mental health issues.

My big driver for sponsoring the Beazley Wellbeing network was the stigma around mental health and encouraging an open dialogue with education to change the tide from stigma to understanding.  It was particularly important to me to address stigma because I saw (admittedly as an American!) a much more open and empathetic dialogue in the UK than in the US.  Being a global company, I want to ensure those geographies in which we have offices are all mindful of mental health and wellbeing.”

Beth Diamond, Chief Claims and Litigation Officer and Wellbeing Network Sponsor.


Tackling a taboo: suicide

The subject of suicide and male suicide in particular is something that we have discussed as a wellbeing network committee. People within the organization have spoken with us about the impact of losing someone to suicide and sadly this is an all-too-common occurrence. The office of national statistics has recently reported that the suicide rate in the UK rose 6% from 2022, which has been the first substantial rise since 2018. The data also shows that three-quarters of suicides registered in 2022 were males. Sadly, we also know this isn’t only a trend being seen in the UK.  

Meet R;pple: a digital mental health crisis prevention tool

We are always looking at ways we can start a discussion on a particular topic, but we want to be conscious about how we approach sensitive issues and ensure we have the right people leading the conversation. That’s how we found out about R;pple. 

R;pple is an innovative online interceptive tool designed to ensure more help and support is provided to individuals conducting searches related to self-harm or suicide. Their focus is on proactive intervention, bridging the gap between individuals in crisis and the help they require.

After hearing about R;pple, we asked CEO and Founder, Alice Hendy, to speak with the network leadership. It was a hugely moving experience and we knew as a committee this was someone we wanted to partner with. The fact that Alice has been able to take her experience and create a product that can do some much good is inspiring. For us it was also a way to create a safe space for our employees to talk about the causes and impact of suicide, alongside implementing a valuable tool to support them and their families.

Implementing R;pple to protect and support employees and their families

We rolled out the R;pple product in September 2022, to coincide with World Suicide Prevention Day. The theme for 2022 was “creating hope through action,” so a perfect moment to bring R;pple to the business. We used our communication channels to talk about the charity, the product and how the digital tool would be implemented in the business. 

It was important that people understood R;pple is GDPR compliant, privacy-minded and isn’t capturing any personally identifiable information or tracking and monitoring people.  We were able to sell the benefits of using this innovative tool and in addition to it being implemented in the business we also gave employees the option to use R;pple on their own computer. 

At Beazley when we talk about support for mental health issues, we are talking about support for our employees, a member of their family or a colleague. By having the option to use R;pple at home, we were pleased that we could support our employees outside of the workplace and maybe have a positive impact on a family member going through a difficult time in their lives.

Our commitment to using R;pple

We believe partnering with a charity like R;pple supports us in bringing the conversation to our people on such an important and sensitive issue. It demonstrates our commitment to furthering the discussion around mental health and hopefully encourages our employees to feel open and secure in bringing their concerns to us at difficult times in their life. Having the product on computers also ensures that if people are searching for harmful content, they receive an intervention which may be the one thing that makes the difference and encourages them to access the required support. 

This has been a guest blog for Tech Talent Charter by Beazley. Both R;pple and Beazley are Signatories of the Tech Talent Charter.