how to Leverage being a signatory

Information about how you and your organisation can leverage being a TTC Signatory to help support your inclusion and diversity strategy.

My organisation is a Signatory - what can I access?


The Open Playbook is the TTC's open-source catalogue of resources and case studies that aims to help companies to increase inclusion and diversity in their teams.

TTC believes in connecting the dots, not re-inventing the wheel and our 650+ Signatories have pledged to share what works and what doesn't and we store this information in the Open Playbook

The UX isn't perfect - we currently use a free platform (Notion) and we are always looking for ways in which we can improve it!

Do you know of an intervention, initiative, resource, company case study or have a recommendation that is not listed in our Open Playbook? Please let us know at

Or perhaps you'd like to submit a Signatory Spotlight? We are always looking to promote and showcase the strategies and programmes Signatory organisations are using to drive greater inclusion and diversity. Submissions will be added to the relevant section of the TTC Open Playbook (use Google Chrome to access) and highlighted on our Social channels, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Data is the way in which we cut through our assumptions. Using data enables us to have tough conversations in an informed and productive way.

Our 2020 Diversity in Tech report uses data from 418 organisations and the dataset covers 161,859 people working in technical roles in the UK. 

This report is produced annually and will allow your organisation to benchmark your own inclusion and diversity efforts against a large number of UK-based organisations with a tech workforce. 


Our Inclusion and Diversity Hackathons bring together subject matter experts on a specific topic area to co-create new employer products for the Open Playbook.

Click here to learn more about upcoming and past TTC Hackathons

Are you a subject matter expert in inclusion and diversity?

Click here to register your interest for future hackathons and working lunches that match your areas of expertise and interest.

In addition to TTC Hackathons we host lots of learning and collaboration opportunities for Signatories - some are regular sessions hosted on a monthly basis and others one-off virtual working lunches. You'll find more information on the following sessions and be able to sign up by visiting our events page

Sessions include:

Signatory monthly drop-in sessions led by our CEO, Debbie Forster. These are an informal way to get to know what is happening at the TTC, share your company’s questions, priorities and current plans and meet with contacts from other Signatories.

Data Collection Q&A sessions with Lexie Papaspyrou - an online Q&A session for any TTC Signatories who have a question they'd like to ask about the TTC's annual data gathering.

Q&A for new Signatory contacts + Intro to the Open Playbook - a session for people who are new to the TTC and not quite sure what’s available or how to get the most out of being a Signatory.

Catch the recordings of the 9 sessions curated for our 2021 Inclusion in Tech Festival which took place on 24, 25 and 26 February 2021. The headline sponsors were Unilever and supporting partners were Global, HP, Lloyds Banking Group, Nationwide Building Society, NatWest, Nominet, QA Ltd and techUK. During the festival, we presented headlines from our 2020 Diversity in Tech Report and shared the key insights and strategies from experts and employers of tech. The focus of all 9 sessions was on actionable insights.

Are you a subject matter expert in inclusion and diversity? We'd love to hear from you!

Click here to register your interest in future hackathons and working lunches that match your areas of expertise and interest.


We know that many of our Signatory organisations have several people within their teams who are passionate about driving diversity and inclusion in tech. Why not encourage them to use their skills and experience to support the Tech Talent Charter to have a greater impact through our Ambassador Programme.

Click here to learn more about the Ambassador Roles and how to apply.

1. Follow TTC on LinkedIn and Twitter which is where we share inclusion and diversity insights, opportunities and relevant updates. We also have a Facebook and Instagram account where we communicate directly with tech talent from underrepresented groups.

2. When your organisation is promoting what you're doing to drive inclusion and diversity in tech on social media, either tag the TTC or send a link to your social announcement to so that we can highlight this again through our channels. Where relevant we will add case studies to our Open Playbook and make connections with what other Signatories are doing.

We are always looking to engage with our Signatories to understand how we can support you better. If you have suggestions for how we can do this, take two minutes to complete our Signatory Survey.

We encourage all of our Signatory organisations to share their learnings about what has worked to drive greater diversity and inclusion in their teams so that we can highlight the practical actions they have taken to achieve change. We do this via our that a Signatory Spotlight? We are always looking to promote and showcase the strategies and programmes Signatory organisations are using to drive greater inclusion and diversity. Submissions will be added to the relevant section of the TTC Open Playbook (use Google Chrome to access) and highlighted on our Social channels, LinkedIn and Twitter.



The TTC is a not for profit organisation and there is no cost to being a Signatory.

We do however work with a small number of Tech Talent Charter Supporting Partners. These are companies that aim to lead the strategic response to the digital skills crisis, support the Government’s aim to be recognised as a “Science and Tech Superpower by 2030” and want to help shape the narrative. 

We have a limited number of sponsorship opportunities each year.

To learn more about the opportunities and gain access to our Sponsorship pack, please submit the below form and we'll send you the link.


If you have downloaded the Supporting Partner pack and reviewed the various options for partnering with Tech Talent Charter and would like to discuss in more detail how these options work, please contact Debbie Forster, CEO at Tech Talent Charter at

Principal Partners

Global 200px

Supporting Partners

institute of coding

All you need to know about reporting your organisation's data

One of the Charter commitments that every Signatory has made is to contribute employment diversity data (anonymised and aggregated) for publication in our annual Diversity in Tech Report.

Below are some key points about the annual data submission:

  • The data reporting window is from the 2nd of August to the 30th of September annually. Please add this to your calendar!
  • On the Data Collection page of our website, you can find all of the information to help your organisation plan for the submission request.
  • The data your organisation provides will always be anonymised and aggregated.
  • We host regular data collection Q&A sessions and you can sign up for the next one of these here.
  • You may be interested in a new employer guide added to our Open Playbook following a recent TTC inclusion and diversity hackathon. This is a link to the winning product, How to gather workforce diversity and inclusion data. 

Who are the Core Contacts at your company?

To find out who TTC core contacts are at your organisation, please click the below button. 

How organisations leverage TTC internally

1. Publish a blog on LinkedIn by the Senior Signatory about why inclusion and diversity are important to the business strategy and share with TTC to share and signpost.

2. Many Signatories have added the TTC Signatory logo to recruitment and onboarding resources and company email signatures.

3.  Create an internal guide for employees about the steps the company is taking to create greater inclusion and diversity in tech roles. This helps employees communicate externally and supports the recruitment of a broader talent pool. In this guide, include details of the TTC commitment the organisation has made.

4. Encourage people managers, HR business partners and recruitment teams to engage with TTC resources such as the  Open Playbook and Diversity in Tech Report. 

1. Using the Open Playbook for interventions, strategies and resources shared by other companies. Who knows, your company may even be featured!

2. Engaging in our inclusion and diversity hackathons during which subject matter experts collaborate to build new employer products for the Open Playbook

3.  Benchmarking the company using the latest Diversity in Tech report.

4. Joining the monthly Signatory Drop-In session hosted by TTC CEO, Debbie Forster to hear from other Signatories, what’s going well, what’s tough and what they are working on.

5. Using the Inclusion and Diversity Directory to learn more about hundreds of UK programmes and organisations supporting diversity and inclusion in tech. 

Highlight why inclusion matters to your business strategy

  1. Create a blog by your Senior Signatory about why inclusion and diversity is important at your company and how being a TTC Signatory evidences this.
  2. Add the TTC Signatory logo to your onboarding resources.
  3. Create an internal guide for employees about the steps your company is taking to create greater inclusion and diversity to help them spread the word externally.
  4. Encourage all of your managers to engage with TTC resources. They can access our Open Playbook and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter - we are always posting content that they will find relevant.

How organisations leverage TTC externally

Upload the TTC Signatory logo to your website, email signature, and, if applicable, Gender Pay Gap report to showcase your company's public commitment to driving change. You can also use it on job boards and in recruitment materials. For TTC logo and our logo guidelines visit the Signatory Checklist (2: Access & use the Signatory social assets).

You have joined a community of UK organsiations all looking to drive similar change so we encourage you to exploit the TTC toolkit and platforms to seek peer to peer input to improve your company policies, programmes and strategies.  Visit our sections on The Toolkit and Collaboration + Engagement above to find out how to do this.

We are always looking to promote and showcase the strategies and programmes Signatory organisations are using to drive greater inclusion and diversity. Signatory Spotlight submissions are added to the relevant section of the TTC Open Playbook (use Google Chrome to access) and highlighted on our social channels, LinkedIn and Twitter. Please share what you're doing with us via our Signatory Spotlight page.

Some of our Signatories

Bank Of England
Cheltenham Borough Council
Crown Prosecution Service
Domino's logo Jan 19
Lloyds Banking Group
The National Cyber Security Centre
OVO energy
Superdrug logo

What our Signatories are saying

"I am delighted that the Bank of England is now a proud signatory of Tech Talent Charter. We are committing ourselves to action by joining this collective effort and pledging to collaborate and share best practices with others, progress our plan to improve inclusion and share diversity data for collective intelligence. I strongly believe our commitment advances the Bank’s desire for meaningful change, continuing to hold ourselves accountable both to our staff and externally to our peers." Bank of England
"eSynergy Solutions are proud signatories of the Tech Talent Charter and are honoured to be part of a community dedicated to taking positive and measurable action to improve the gender balance within the tech industry. Rather than re-writing the playbook, being part of the TTC community allows you to access a wide range of resources including their toolkits, playbooks and events to help support you in your own D&I journey. Our diversity and inclusion strategy is data-driven and evidence-based which means that is incredibly useful to be able to benchmark our progress using the TTC’s Diversity in Tech Report. We encourage other organisations to also pledge their commitment to the delivery of greater diversity in the technology and digital industry and take part in events and hackathons to cross share knowledge to work together to create a more diverse and inclusive industry." eSynergy Solutions
"We are very proud to be a signatory - OVO is determined to hire and nurture a diverse and inclusive movement of world changers. We're solving humankind's greatest challenge and we need all of humankind here to help us. We look forward to learning from and networking with the TTC community." OVO Energy
"Obtaining a balanced workplace, where everyone is comfortable contributing their maximum potential, is key to achieving great business results and is motivational to all involved. As a technology function we are working hard to make sure that we achieve this through our recruiting and development of our talent. Through the Tech Talent Charter, I am looking forward to help drive this in any way I can." Superdrug Stores plc
"We are really pleased that our ICT Provider Publica Group Ltd along with Cheltenham Borough Council have signed up to the charter. We have a shared commitment to greater inclusion and diversity in technology roles." Cheltenham Borough Council