Open Playbook

An open-source catalogue of actionable strategies, resources, and case studies to support organisations of any size to drive diversity and inclusion (D&I) in their teams

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Sharing D&I strategies that work

The Tech Talent Charter (TTC) Open Playbook is divided into a number of chapters:

  • Inclusive culture
  • Hiring diverse talent
  • Supporting parents, carers and other employees who take extended leave
  • Promoting, developing and retaining
  • Tech retraining programmes
  • Return to tech programmes
  • What works? Evidence-based reports

We have worked with organisations across the UK to compile this Open Playbook. We are constantly growing and developing this resource. 

"Our senior stakeholders want to ensure we do the best we can in the D&I space by saying ‘have you checked out the Tech Talent Charter Open Playbook for best practice and ideas?’. If you like, it’s the heartbeat of all that we do."
Anna Petts, Head of Learning and OD at Agilisys

The Open Playbook is not meant to be exhaustive and much of it signposts to and shares existing, high-quality resources. The goal is to “join the dots” and bring together best practices, tips, and guides to create a knowledge base.

If you think something is missing or would like to contribute, please get in touch at

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Open Playbook guiding principles

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Practical strategies

The Open Playbook includes practical strategies that organisations are using to drive greater diversity and inclusion in tech roles and signposts to great resources.


No ‘silver bullet’ solution

We believe a one-off approach cannot drive lasting diversity and inclusion. An effective, sustainable solution must be holistic and cover an organisation's culture,  systems, processes, and  people.

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Organisations are unique

We don’t propose that any organisation ‘cut and paste’ recommendations from this Open Playbook (or any other resource) to solve their own unique situation. A bespoke approach will be needed.

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A living resource

The Open Playbook is a living resource that we continue to refine and grow through TT labs, hackathons, and information that our Signatories share with TTC as they create and discover new strategies that work.

Submit a Signatory spotlight

We’re looking to promote and showcase the strategies and programmes Signatory organisations are using to drive greater inclusion and diversity in their teams. The submissions that we receive will be added to the relevant section of the Open Playbook and highlighted on our social media channels.


Keeping the Open Playbook relevant and fresh

In collaboration with our Signatory organisations and sponsors, we host regular hackathons, TTC labs, and share and learn sessions. Through these events, we work with subject matter experts to develop new products, strategies, and case studies that are added to the Open Playbook.

Using data led tools to attract diverse talent

Spotlight: new Open Playbook content

During the May 2022 D&I hackathon, sponsored by Signatory CW Jobs, subject matter experts co-designed a new employer product on 'Using Data Led Tools to Attract Diverse Talent'.

Virtual working lunch

The TTC collaborated with auticon to deliver a session that aimed to help companies understand neurodivergence and how to be more inclusive of neurodivergent people on their teams. View on YouTube.

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