Open playbook

An open-source catalogue of resources and case studies to support companies to increase inclusion and diversity in their tech teams

Open Playbook Optimised

Sharing what works and what doesn’t

The Open Playbook chapters:

  • Inclusive Culture
  • Hiring Diverse Talent
  • Supporting parents, carers and other employees who take extended leave
  • Promoting, Developing and Retaining
  • Tech Retraining (Career Change) Programmes
  • Return to Tech Programmes
  • What works? Evidence based actions

We have worked with organisations across the UK to compile this Open Playbook. We are constantly growing and developing this resource. 

"Our senior stakeholders want to ensure we do the best we can in the D&I space by saying ‘have you checked out the Tech Talent Charter Open Playbook for best practice and ideas?’. If you like, it’s the heartbeat of all that we do."
Anna Petts, Head of Learning and OD at Agilisys

The Open Playbook is not meant to be exhaustive, nor does the TTC create original content per se. The goal is to “join the dots”, i.e. to give on overview and signpost other resources.

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Open Playbook guiding principles

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The Open Playbook includes several practical strategies that companies are using to drive greater inclusion and diversity in tech roles and signposts great resources.


There is no ‘silver bullet’

We believe a one-off initiative approach cannot achieve systemic change; in many cases will do harm. An effective, sustainable solution must cover all aspects of a company - the culture, the systems and processes and the people.

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Each organisation is unique

We don’t propose that any company simply ‘cut and paste’ recommendations from this Open Playbook (or any other resource) to solve their own unique situation.

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The Open Playbook is a living resource that we continue to refine and grow through Hackathons and information that our Signatories share with TTC as they create and discover new strategies that work.

Keeping the Open Playbook relevant and fresh

In collaboration with our Signatory companies and sponsors, we host regular hackathons and virtual working lunches. We use the expertise of subject matter experts during hackathons to develop new products on specific topic areas for the Open Playbook. We use working lunches to find out about new strategies and case studies that are then added to the Open Playbook. 

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