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Our latest ambassador asks for November and December 2023

 Can you help us with any of the following ambassador asks in the next few months? If so please contact the team.

  •  Write a parental inclusion mini case study: We're looking for folks who can contribute a short, 200-word case study on a business that has great parental leave policies. This is for a new piece we are working on with the Motherboard Charter. We'd like to hear from either the business leader who put the policy in place, or the person at the business who was a recipient of that policy. Please get in touch if this is you, or someone you know!

  • Help us share our LGBTQ event: November is a big month for the LGBTQ+ community and especially for Trans inclusion. Please help us out by sharing news of our upcoming LGBTQ event with your networks. We'd like it to be big, so please sign up and share! Please use this social media deck to help us promote the event.

  • Review D&I Open Playbook chapters on disability, neurodiversity or social mobility: We'd love to identify any folks with expertise in: socio-economic diversity, disability or neurodiversity to help us with a review of these chapters. We're expecting them to be big talking points in the months ahead. If you've got expertise in one of these areas, we'd love to hear from you.

  • Special skills we're looking for in the coming months: if you can help with any of the following, we'd love to hear from you: Graphic design for reports and infographics; Content writing; PR expertise; Photography for headshots and based in London or the South East.

  • We're looking for content on D&I for VCs: Do you know any good resources focused on investment, funding and VCs? If you hear of any new stories, data points or guides, Please share them with us!

  • Help us grow our Signatory base: The majority of TTC Signatories find us through referrals. As a tiny team with a modest budget, we don't do paid advertising or marketing, so we rely on word-of-mouth. Can you introduce TTCs mission to them any companies you know? You can introduce contacts directly to us if they'd like to have a chat. 

  • Build your D&I thought leadership on Linkedin and champion TTCs work: are you a social media content buff? Create social media content using our latest resources. For some inspiration check out Dr Jonathan Sinclair, who does fantastic work as an ambassador, championing TTC on Linkedin.

Have you been doing some great ambassador work for TTC? Share it with Lexie and the TTC team.

Ways our ambassadors typically support TTC


Support in our efforts to recruit UK organisations to join the Tech Talent Charter.


Collaborate with our team to generate and share compelling social media content


Contribute resources, articles, and company case studies to our Open Playbook.


Help us make new. short-form video content that shares our key messages.

Design skills

Lend us your graphic design skills or website design experience for ad hoc requests


Become a facilitator/speaker for our virtual and in-person events and/or consider offers to speak at D&I related events.

Subject matter expert

Use your subject matter expertise to co-create content for our Open Playbook and support our events.

Do you have expertise in socio-economic diversity, disability, or neurodiversity? Collaborate with us and review our Open Playbook topics.

How to become a TTC Ambassador 

Step 1: Review our Ambassador information document to find out how you can contribute to the TTC.

Step 2: Commit to becoming a TTC Ambassador by submitting the form below. 

Step 3: Enjoy the benefits! You will be able to post your role on LinkedIn and other social media platforms - gaining great recognition for your D&I work and support. 

Want to attend more diversity and inclusion events?

TTC hosts various events including hackathons, drop-in sessions, and working lunches


Past TTC Events

The Tech Talent Charter hosts various events including an annual festival, hackathons, drop-in sessions, and working lunches.

TTC Festival 2022_Events overview

2022 Inclusion in Tech Festival

We had over 1000 people sign up for our Inclusion in Tech festival and have received lots of feedback sharing how the sessions have been full of practical takeaways. If you weren't able to join them live, you can catch up and learn from the Signatories that are having the greatest impact on DE&I.

Getting the most out of being a TTC Signatory - YouTube cover image-4 (1)

Signatory Panel Discussion

We held a panel discussion with members from a range of different Signatory organisations. In this excerpt, they explain why they love TTC Hackathons. View on YouTube.

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