TTC Signatory Spotlight Campaign

We are looking to promote and showcase the strategies and programmes Signatory organisations are using to drive greater inclusion and diversity in their teams. Submissions will be added to the relevant section of the TTC Open Playbook (use Google Chrome to access) and highlighted on our Social channels, LinkedIn and Twitter.

What are we looking for?

We are interested in all great case studies. Some examples you might consider sharing:

-  how your company has introduced workforce ethnicity data tracking and what this has then meant the company has been able to do with the data e.g does your company now look at promotions, retention, recruitment, engagement from an ethnicity lens?

- how your company set up and delivered a tech apprenticeship / retrain into tech programme and the impact this has had on the diversity of your tech team

- how your company has experienced an uptick in diversity since changing the hiring process, the specific changes your company has made and the impact these changes have had

- how your company has introduced diversity and inclusion targets /ambitions to drive greater accountability and the impact this has had

Promote what your organisation is doing