Update your company's core TTC roles

We require a contact for four core TTC roles at each Signatory. Please use relevant forms below to keep your contacts current.

To find out your company's current contacts with a core TTC role, please complete a quick form to receive these by email.

The four core TTC roles are:

  • Senior Signatory - the senior TTC representative for your company and the person who is leading on the commitments your company made when signing up as a Signatory.  We do not prescribe who should be, but recommend that it is someone who makes sense both internally and externally.
  • Principal Contact - the person responsible for liaising with the TTC directly and included in all our communications with your company. 
  • Data Contact - the person who completes your company's data submission in August/September annually which feeds into our Diversity in Tech Report. For more information on our annual data submission requirement please see our data collection webpage.
  • PR Contact - the person responsible for liaising with the TTC in relation to press opportunities, logos, quotes, social media etc.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you have consent to share all details and that new contacts know what the TTC is. Please use company email addresses, not personal email addresses

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