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Tech Talent Charter to close

Jun 18, 2024 8:45:00 AM

We are at a pivotal moment for the future of the UK’s tech sector.

When we first launched the Tech Talent Charter back in 2015, women held fewer than 15% of tech roles across the country, and few other diversity data points even existed.

As the UK’s fastest growing economy, a gaping chasm was opening between supply and demand for tech skills, and the industry was at risk of leaving behind those sectors of society not adequately represented within its ranks.

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Ed Gaze is standing next to a tile with the blog title. He is against an orange background and is smiling at the camera. He is wearing a white shirt and dark blazer.

Making parental leave pay for SMEs: the founder who’s tackling a major career blocker for working parents

Jun 10, 2024 8:00:00 AM

Hello, I’m Ed Gaze. I run an insurtech broker dedicated to helping startups launch innovative insurance solutions. I created JustParent because I saw the need to make enhanced parental leave both accessible and sustainable for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). One instance which really hit home was a friend who said she felt that she was being discriminated against for being a 30-something married woman when applying to tech start-ups. She stopped applying to SMEs and joined a Big Tech company instead. With 36,900 SMEs in the UK that employ 50-249 people each, the scale of this problem is huge and it’s clear something needs to be done, but the government is unlikely to be able to afford it.

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Sonia sits at a round table with a white table cloth. She is talking animatedly whilst the man sitting next to her listens intently.

Born to fail: socioeconomic diversity in tech

Jun 6, 2024 7:00:00 AM

To mark London Tech Week, we asked Professor Sonia Blandford for her views - established over a lifetime leading the debate on social mobility - what it will take for us to make meaningful progress on socioeconomic diversity in tech. Sonia has 40+ years of experience in education including as a university Dean of Education, Pro-Vice Chancellor, school governor. Her credentials include Emeritus Professor of Social Mobility at Plymouth Marjon, Visiting Professor of Education UCL, Honorary Professor Warwick University, and founder of the award-winning charity, Achievement for All. Here’s what she had to say:

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A group of diverse young adults are working together at a desk looking at a laptop screen.

Overcoming the opportunity gap to improve diversity in tech

Jun 3, 2024 4:20:00 PM

The technology industry is growing at a rapid rate and recruiting skilled individuals to fill positions is increasingly difficult. There is a significant challenge in the fact that many prestigious organisations have a legacy of fishing from a limited pool of talent. This is because, although talent can be found in all walks of life, the traditional route to “elite” careers involves a combination of influence and opportunity that is rarely available to young people from under-resourced or under-represented backgrounds. At The Elephant Group, we believe that the third sector can help with this problem: social equity organisations have the potential to connect businesses committed to diversity with highly engaged, capable people who should be in their talent pipeline.

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A woman in an orange shirt sits at the head of a table in an open plan, bright office, in front of a silver laptop. She is speaking to others on the table.

Closing the Tech Talent Gap through Apprenticeships

May 29, 2024 8:00:00 AM

The tech industry is at a crossroads in an era when the rapid pace of technological innovation outstrips the availability of skilled professionals. The IT skills gap stifles innovation and hinders social mobility across the United Kingdom. Forbes and Oxford Learning report that 93% of businesses face an IT skills gap, with 20% of the UK workforce anticipated to be underskilled by 2030. This situation demands a robust response from CTOs, CIOs, and all stakeholders in the tech ecosystem.

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Podcast: exploring the latest Diversity in Tech insights and trends

May 22, 2024 1:19:27 PM

In this episode of in:tech, Debbie Forster MBE, co-CEO at Tech Talent Charter, talks to Theresa Palmer, Head of DE&I at BAE Systems Digital Intelligence. As an accomplished tech leader who contributed to the launch of the Tech Talent Charter's latest Diversity in Tech report, Theresa discusses the challenges and progress in gender diversity, the importance of data-driven DE&I strategies, and the pressing issues of social mobility and neurodiversity in tech.

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A child wearing headphones smiles as they use a tablet computer at a table

Building a social value framework: utilising partnerships to deliver impact

May 15, 2024 7:00:00 AM

When reflecting on the importance of inclusion in tech, we must look beyond just the boundaries of our workforces, and take an inclusive outlook on the services that we provide to the population as a whole. Digital exclusion is a real and growing problem in the UK, disproportionately impacting the most vulnerable groups in society. Essential services such as healthcare, education and financial assistance are becoming increasingly digitised, making digital skills and access to devices critical to everyday life. As a result of this shift, there is a common misconception that we are living in a completely digital society, but the statistics show that there are entire communities slipping through the cracks.

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