Bringing together industries and organisations to drive greater inclusion and diversity in technology roles.

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Who we are

The Tech Talent Charter (TTC) is a non-profit organisation leading a movement to address inequality in the UK tech sector and drive inclusion and diversity in a practical and uniquely measurable way.

What we aim to achieve

Our ultimate goal: that the UK tech sector becomes a diverse and truly inclusive community where people from all backgrounds are welcomed, listened to and valued for their contributions.

How we do it

We focus on the how, not just the why of inclusion, gathering, curating and distributing innovative techniques and best practise in inclusion and diversity.

We work at scale, addressing the tech ecosystem as a whole to drive change, and supporting organisations to include and maximise participation from historically underrepresented groups.

Signatories of the Charter make a number of commitments. Although it is very much an employer-led initiative, the TTC is supported by the UK Government's Digital Strategy.

The TTC pledge process

Commit, Sign-up, and Activate. For more information on the TTC pledge process, please download our information pack

To become a Tech Talent Charter Signatory, companies must secure internal sign-off and commit to 4 things:

  1. PEOPLE: Have a Senior Signatory who can sign up on behalf of the organisation and who will be the senior sponsor of any TTC work. Have a Principal Contact who will work with the TTC on a daily basis and a Data Contact with the responsibility to submit the annual data.
  2. PLAN (EMPLOYERS OF TECH)Have a plan to improve inclusion; including adopting inclusive recruitment and promotion processes and practices to support the development and retention of a diverse workforce (you'll find loads of examples of what other organisations are doing in our Open Playbook of Best Practice to help with this); OR
    PLAN (CONSULTANTS, RECRUITERS & OTHER PARTNERS): Developing a plan to work with employers/clients and underrepresented groups to improve their inclusion and diversity in tech; supporting them to adopt inclusive recruitment and promotion processes and practices
  3. PRACTICE: Collaborate with other Signatory organisations and the TTC to share what has worked and what has not worked for your company to drive best practices
  4. DATA: Every September, contribute employment diversity data (anonymised and aggregated) for publication in our annual Diversity in Tech report. Please read further info about this mandatory reporting requirement.

Once a company can commit to these, they are ready to Sign-up

Sign up to become a Signatory of the Charter and demonstrate your company's commitment to driving inclusion, enhancing your brand as an employer of choice.

Access and use the TTC Toolkit - our Diversity in Tech Report, our Open Playbook of Best Practice and our Inclusion and Diversity Directory. Use your workforce diversity data to build an evidenced-based strategy.

Are you ready to join us in delivering greater workforce inclusion and diversity?

Sign up to become a Signatory of the Charter and demonstrate your company's commitment to driving inclusion, enhancing your brand as an employer of choice.

How can we help?

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I need more information

I need to get my company on board with the business case and what being a Signatory will mean.

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I'm ready to become a Signatory

I'm ready to formally become a TTC Signatory and publicise my company's commitment to inclusion and diversity in tech roles.

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I'm already a Signatory

I am ready to drive inclusion and diversity in my workforce. Show me the TTC Toolkit


What our Signatories are saying

"I am delighted that the Bank of England is now a proud signatory of Tech Talent Charter. We are committing ourselves to action by joining this collective effort and pledging to collaborate and share best practices with others, progress our plan to improve inclusion and share diversity data for collective intelligence. I strongly believe our commitment advances the Bank’s desire for meaningful change, continuing to hold ourselves accountable both to our staff and externally to our peers." Bank of England
"eSynergy Solutions are proud signatories of the Tech Talent Charter and are honoured to be part of a community dedicated to taking positive and measurable action to improve the gender balance within the tech industry. Rather than re-writing the playbook, being part of the TTC community allows you to access a wide range of resources including their toolkits, playbooks and events to help support you in your own D&I journey. Our diversity and inclusion strategy is data-driven and evidence-based which means that is incredibly useful to be able to benchmark our progress using the TTC’s Diversity in Tech Report. We encourage other organisations to also pledge their commitment to the delivery of greater diversity in the technology and digital industry and take part in events and hackathons to cross share knowledge to work together to create a more diverse and inclusive industry." eSynergy Solutions
"We are very proud to be a signatory - OVO is determined to hire and nurture a diverse and inclusive movement of world changers. We're solving humankind's greatest challenge and we need all of humankind here to help us. We look forward to learning from and networking with the TTC community." OVO Energy
"Obtaining a balanced workplace, where everyone is comfortable contributing their maximum potential, is key to achieving great business results and is motivational to all involved. As a technology function we are working hard to make sure that we achieve this through our recruiting and development of our talent. Through the Tech Talent Charter, I am looking forward to help drive this in any way I can." Superdrug Stores plc
"We are really pleased that our ICT Provider Publica Group Ltd along with Cheltenham Borough Council have signed up to the charter. We have a shared commitment to greater inclusion and diversity in technology roles." Cheltenham Borough Council