Our Toolkit

Our TTC Toolkit is a set of free resources designed to help organisations improve their inclusion and diversity. Since we started, we have worked with signatories across the UK to uncover what was working and who they could work with in order to improve their inclusion and diversity. We have built this information into our Open Playbook of Best Practice and our Inclusion and Diversity Directory. We also gather and analyse our signatories' data annually to produce our Annual Diversity in Tech Report.  This allows signatories to benchmark their progress to understand whether they are ahead or behind other companies like themselves.

Together these resources - our Toolkit - can help organisations understand what they need to work on, how they can do it and who they can work with in order to really move the dial on inclusion and diversity.

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Diversity in Tech Report

We believe that "what's measured gets done", so we built an annual submission of data in as a central requirement for our signatories.  Every September signatories submit data sets which are anonymised, aggregated and analysed to produce our Annual Benchmarking Report.  This Report allows members to understand trends and to measure their progress against other organisations.



If you would also like to view last years report you can do so below:

Download last year's report


Open Playbook of Best Practice

The Open Playbook is an open-source tool covering the entire pipeline, from creating inclusive cultures, recruiting great diverse talent, growing and retaining great teams and how to make the most of returner and retraining programmes. In it, you can find a range of strategies, tools and resources compiled by our Signatories and D&I professionals that you can use and adapt for your organisation. 



Inclusion and Diversity Directory

This directory provides information on UK programmes and organisations promoting and supporting inclusion and diversity in technology. In this directory, we capture the names of initiatives, how they support a practical pipeline of diversity and the cost (if any) of the programme for individuals and/or organisations.

If you are looking for support or someone to collaborate in moving the dial on inclusion and diversity, this is the place to find it.