TTC Annual Report

At the TTC we believe that what's important must be measured and we built the annual submission of data in as a central requirement for our signatories.  Thus in September 2018 we carried out our first data gathering.  Signatories submitted data sets which were anonymised, aggregated and analysed to produce our first Annual Benchmarking Report. 

Part 1 is the report itself, which you can download here.  You can use this to see where you are ahead or behind of our wider membership.

Part 2 is coming soon and will consist of simple tools allowing you to measure your performance in more detail in comparison to companies in your sector, of a similar size and against the group as a whole




 To drive diversity and inclusion, we believe you need data to understand where you are, access to best practice to learn from others and the ability to connect with others who are on the same journey to collaborate and move things forward. 

This is key to the TTC Toolkit. Throughout 2018, we worked with members online and at our regional events to hear what was working and to learn who was operating in this space.  Then from September to December we conducted our first data gathering exercise and put together our first Benchmarking Report.  From this we have compiled what is the start of our TTC toolkit.  It is still a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and we look forward to working with members to expand and develop these resources in coming months.


There is no single silver bullet to "fix" diversity in your company and not a one-size-fits-all model.  But nor is there a reason to start with a blank sheet; TTC members don't want to re-invent the wheel.

So throughout 2018 we worked with TTC members across the country to find out what was working  across the whole talent pipeline--recruitment, retention, supporting returners/retraining and building an inclusive culture.   From this we began building our Open Playbook of Best Practice.  This is an open-source, growing resource where you can see a range of ideas you can adapt for use in your company. 



Most of our members are keen to work with other organisations and initiatives who focus on diversity and inclusion, but they weren't sure who was out there. No one seemed to have a comprehensive list of national organisations, much less regional or local ones.  Thus the TTC Diversity Map was born. 

In 2018 we began working with members online and at our regional events to map all that was going on to support the diversity talent pipeline from start to finish.  We've compiled this quite simply into a document that can be filtered and searched by members, but are now working with partners to look at other ways of using the data.  We already have over 300+ entries in Jan 2019 and this will just grow.

Click below to view the map and if there is something missing, please let us know

Want to work more closely with companies who are moving the dial on inclusion and diversity in tech?