The TTC Toolkit

Our Toolkit is a set of free resources designed to help organisations improve their inclusion and diversity (I&D).

The TTC toolkit

Our toolkit is a set of free, actionable resources designed to support organisations in driving diversity and inclusion in their workforce


Use our free toolkit to improve your D&I

Since our launch, we have worked with organisations across the UK to gather data, insights, resources, and strategies to improve diversity and inclusion.

This information lives in the TTC's Open Playbook and the Diversity and Inclusion Directory. We also gather and analyse diversity data from our Signatories annually to produce our Diversity in Tech report, which provides insights and benchmarking resources.

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Diversity in Tech report

We believe that "what's measured gets done", so the annual submission of diversity data is a central requirement for our Signatories. Every September or October, Signatories submit data sets which are anonymised, aggregated, and analysed to produce our annual diversity in tech report. This report allows members to understand trends and to measure their progress against other organisations.

Open Playbook

The Open Playbook is an open-source catalogue of curated D&I resources from our Signatories and subject matter experts that you can use and adapt for your organisation. It contains actionable strategies, information, and case studies to support you in driving D&I.

Covering a range of topics, it aims to look at the different lenses of diversity and how these lenses impact strategies like recruitment, retention, creating inclusive cultures, and making the most of returner and retraining programmes. 

"Our senior stakeholders want to ensure we do the best we can in the D&I space by saying ‘have you checked out the Tech Talent Charter Open Playbook for best practice and ideas?’. If you like, it’s the heartbeat of all that we do."
Anna Petts, Head of Learning and OD at Agilisys

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New resources 

We've brought together our latest resources in one place so you can stay up-to-date on topics like hybrid working, neurodiversity, data-led tools and strategies, and many others. We are also sharing successful strategies from other organisations through our Signatory spotlights. 

D&I Directory

This Directory provides information on UK programmes and organisations that are promoting and supporting D&I in technology. In this Directory, we capture the names of initiatives, how they support a practical pipeline of diversity, and the cost (if any) of the programme for individuals and/or organisations.

If you are looking for support or want to collaborate with an organisation in this space, this is the place to find it.

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