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Maximising the partnership session

Kick start your inclusion & diversity strategy to address your tech skills shortages

Date: Tuesday, 28th February 2023

Time 11.00 AM - 11.45 AM

Location: Zoom Meeting

If your organisation is new to the Tech Talent Charter (or perhaps you are a new TTC contact at a company that has been a Signatory for some time), you can join this session to learn more about how to get the most out of being a Signatory including what our Open Playbook is and how to use it.  Before joining this session, we recommend that you have a look through some of the resources below to familiarise yourself with what the TTC is, what's available to organisations and which companies we work with.

Session agenda

  • Welcome, joining, and signing in - 5 mins
  • Getting the most out of being a Signatory - 10 mins
  • The Open Playbook - how to use it and what’s new - 15 mins
  • Q&A answering your questions - 15 mins

If you have a specific question please let us know and we will aim to answer it during the session.

About the TTC

Watch this short video. Or this is an executive pack about the TTC. We also have a short video about 'What the TTC worked on during 2020'.

This is the list of TTC Signatories (over 700 organisations).

Links to the TTC Toolkit:

Cost? There is no cost to be a Signatory. TTC is a not for profit organisation supported by the UK Government’s Digital Strategy.

What is the commitment? People, Plan, Practice and Data

People: Have a Senior Signatory with responsibility for the Charter commitments, and a named Principal, Data and PR contact.

Plan: Employers of tech
Have a plan to improve inclusion; including adopting inclusive recruitment and promotion processes and practices to support the development and retention of a diverse workforce (you'll find loads of examples of what other organisations are doing in our Open Playbook to help with this); OR

Consultants, Recruiters and other partners
Developing a plan to work with employers/clients and underrepresented groups to improve their inclusion and diversity in tech; supporting them to adopt inclusive recruitment and promotion processes and practices.

Practice: Collaborate with other Signatory organisations and the TTC to share what has worked and what has not worked for your company.

Data: Every September, contribute employment diversity data (anonymised and aggregated) for publication in our annual Diversity in Tech report. Read more about this mandatory reporting requirement on our Data Collection page. If your company would benefit from tips about how to gather workforce inclusion and diversity data, check out our recent hackathon product on this topic.

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Karen Blake 200px

Karen Blake,
Director of Programmes at Tech Talent Charter

Karen Blake 200px

Karen Blake,
Tech Talent Charter

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