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The Tech Talent Charter (TTC) brings together D&I subject matter experts through our events and activities to develop content for our Open Playbook and other resources


Some of our recent TTC and curated resources

Attrition Report - Why women leave tech (5)

Women in tech: attrition report

Tech Talent Charter (TTC) undertook research with research and data partner, Attest, to understand what causes women to leave tech jobs and the tech workforce.

Share & Learn Pride outside of Pride with Lloyds

Share & Learn: Pride outside of Pride with Lloyds

Tech Talent Charter (TTC) teamed up with one of the UK's largest employers, Lloyds Banking Group, to help Signatories learn how they can enhance their work cultures and inclusive practices in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

Signatory Forum How to Engage Socio-Economically Diverse Candidates

Signatory Forum: How to Engage Socio-Economically Diverse Candidates

In this Signatory forum session, TTC's Lexie Papaspyrou was joined by Daniel Ball, Founder and CEO of The Ladder Group, to talk about ways to engage socio-economically diverse candidates. 

Embracing Introversion (1)

Signatory Forum: Supporting Introversion

Lesley Tait, ICF accredited Personal Performance Coach, discusses the power of introversion and how embracing it can help workplaces become more diverse and inclusive.

Signatory Forum Global Employee Resource Groups

Signatory Forum: Global Employee Resource Groups

In this Signatory forum session, TTC's Lexie Papaspyrou was joined by Magda Amegashitsi, the ERG lead at Avanade, to talk about global and local Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s).

D&I in tech recruitment

D&I in tech recruitment

The TTC has been working with tech recruiters to find out what the deal is when it comes to gender diversity in the tech talent pipeline. We asked them to share their candidate diversity data with us to reveal how many tech candidates are gender minorities, and how well they are doing in tech interviews.

Signatory Forum Inclusive Recruitment - Whats next!

Signatory Forum: Inclusive Recruitment - What's next!

In this Signatory session, we spoke with Darren Topping, Director of Solution and Insights at Lorien, about how to maximise your approach to recruitment to ensure you access the best diverse tech talent.

Signatory Forum_ Incentivising D&I goals

Signatory Forum: Incentivising D&I goals

In this Signatory session, we are joined by Sari Griffiths where we explore ways to incentivise DE&I goals, the organisational structures that this supports and the reporting and measuring mechanisms that you can use.

Code First Girls report

D&I for tech leaders

A D&I report for tech leaders on how to hire, retain and progress women in tech, created in a collaboration between Tech Talent Charter and Code First Girls.

Signatory Forum_ Accent Bias

Signatory Forum: Accent Bias

In this TTC Signatory session, we are joined by Emma Rich from Coex to discuss Accent Bias which remains one of the most persistent and pervasive biases in society. Understanding it better can offer a more nuanced approach to our wider diversity and inclusion efforts.


Routes to tech phase 1 research release:

Hiring managers' perceptions of non-traditional routes to tech

During the first phase of the project, we worked with the Institute of Coding (IoC) and Attest to undertake research to understand how learners from tech/digital skills providers and other alternative routes into tech are perceived by tech hiring managers. 

Learner perceptions

Routes to tech phase 2 research release:

Learner perceptions of non-traditional tech training pathways

For the second phase of research Tech Talent Charter, supported by DSIT and Attest, conducted surveys with UK tech workers on their learning experiences with different types of tech education and training providers to understand how they feel about different routes to tech careers.

Share & learn Social Mobility Awareness and measurement with the Social Mobility Foundation cover

Share & learn: Social Mobility Awareness and measurement with the Social Mobility Foundation

In this session we've teamed up with leading charity, the Social Mobility Foundation, to get a better understanding of what social mobility means, why it is important to inclusion and tech talent strategy, and how to take meaningful action.

Signatory Forum: Digital Workplace Wellbeing and Inclusion

Signatory Forum: Digital Workplace Wellbeing and Inclusion

This TTC Signatory forum, which featured Jayde Tipper from Temenos, looked at how to create a robust suite of policies that will support employee wellbeing. 


Diversity in Tech report

The latest annual TTC report tracking diversity in technology across the UK.

TTC Podcast artwork (Instagram Post (Square))

in:tech podcast

in:tech is the new diversity and inclusion podcast from the Tech Talent Charter (TTC). Hosted by Rebecca Donnelly, Senior Partner at Tyto and TTC board member, and created with support from TTC Principal Partner Global, this podcast is for anyone who wants to make their organisation more inclusive, diverse, and equitable.

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TTC launches new interactive diversity calendar 

The TTC has developed an interactive diversity calendar that allows you to find TTC-hosted events and awareness days throughout the year. If you would like to share a national awareness or appreciation activity for the calendar, please get in touch with


Signatory spotlight: Agilisys

Learn how TTC Signatory Agilisys addressed its diversity and inclusion strategy to understand the issues the workforce faces.

Access the case study in our Open Playbook.

Let us know if you have a case study to contribute.


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Looking at Social Value through a diversity and inclusion lens with Leidos

The Tech Talent Charter (TTC) recently partnered with global technology firm Leidos to convene a group of experts to explore the topic of Social Value. This blog looks at the origins of the concept, the role of diversity and inclusion (D&I), and ways that you can learn more about this emerging area.

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Share and learn: creating disability-inclusive workplaces

The TTC recently hosted a share and learn session with UK charity AbilityNet to look at how to create inclusive environments where disabled people can flourish. Watch on YouTube

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Signatory forum: Wellbeing policies

This TTC Signatory forum, which featured Jayde Tipper from Temenos, looked at how to create a robust suite of policies that will support employee wellbeing. 

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Looking at digital skills 

Lloyds Banking Group recently released the UK Consumer Digital Index 2022. It's the UK’s largest study of digital and financial lives and includes the Essential Digital Skills measure.


Upcoming TTC events 

Partnership session

Maximising the partnership sessions 600x400

Maximising the partnership sessions are held monthly. They show organisations how to get the most out of their TTC membership and includes a tour of our resources like the Open Playbook.

Signatory forums

Signatory forums 600x400

These sessions are for all TTC Signatories and are a chance to connect, share, learn, and collaborate with the TTC and monthly guests on emerging themes related to D&I. 

Share and learn sessions

Share and learn sessions 600x400

These panel events share best practice and thought leadership that can help your organisation develop actionable plans. We also raise awareness around the different lenses of diversity.

Interactive diversity calendar

The TTC has developed an interactive diversity calendar for 2024 that allows you to find TTC-hosted events and awareness days throughout the year.

This calendar is for anyone with a passion for D&I, whether you are a TTC Signatory, a D&I professional making plans for the upcoming year, or just want to stay informed.

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