Becoming a Signatory of the Tech Talent Charter (TTC) is free. All we ask is that your company commits to a number of pledges related to your approach to the recruitment, promotion and retention of a diverse workforce. 



  1. COLLABORATIONExploit a unique opportunity to collaborate with approximately 500 Signatory organisations to learn, share and access practical tools and materials
  2. A BROADER TOOLKITAccess to sector-leading insights, programmes, initiatives and practices to improve your inclusion strategy across the entire talent pipeline
  3. ATTRACTION & ENGAGEMENT: Demonstrate your commitment to driving inclusion, enhancing your brand as an employer of choice
  4. BENCHMARKING: Access to benchmarking data to understand your position across a range of indicators in relation to inclusion and diversity



  1. PEOPLE: Have a Senior Signatory with responsibility for the Charter commitments
  2. PLAN (EMPLOYERS OF TECH)Have a plan to improve inclusion; including adopting inclusive recruitment and promotion processes and practices to support the development and retention of a diverse workforce (you'll find loads of examples of what other organisations are doing in our Open Playbook of Best Practice to help with this); OR
    PLAN (CONSULTANTS, RECRUITERS & OTHER PARTNERS): Developing a plan to work with employers/clients and underrepresented groups to improve their inclusion and diversity in tech; supporting them to adopt inclusive recruitment and promotion processes and practices
  3. PRACTICE: Collaborate with other Signatory organisations and the TTC to share what has worked and what has not worked for your company to drive best practices
  4. DATA: Every September, contribute employment diversity data (anonymised and aggregated) for publication in our annual Diversity in Tech report. Please read further info about this mandatory reporting requirement in our FAQs on data.
If you're happy with these commitments, signing up to the TTC just takes 2 simple steps! Get started below!



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Step 1

Please submit all four forms below to tell us who will be your company's contact for each of the four TTC roles:  
  • Senior Signatory Contact - This is the person who joins the TTC on your company's behalf.  We do not prescribe who that person is in your company, but recommend that it is someone who makes sense both internally and externally to be leading on the TTC commitments.
  • Principal Contact - This person is responsible for liaising with the TTC directly and will be included in all our communications with your company. While this can be the senior executive, companies are free to nominate another staff member to liaise with us.
  • Data Contact - This person will need to complete the annual data return in September which feeds into our Annual Benchmarking Report. This information is protected by NDA and will be aggregated and anonymised in our annual reports. For more information on our annual data submission requirement please see our FAQs.
  • PR Contact - this person is responsible for liaising with the TTC in relation to logos, quotes, press releases, social media etc.

IMPORTANT: Please submit a contact name for every role (even if this is the same person covering all TTC core roles) and ensure you have consent to share a person's contact details and that new contacts know what the TTC is. Please use company email addresses, not personal email addresses.

To ensure all onboarding emails reach your company (these are automated by our CRM, HubSpot), we recommend requesting that your IT support team whitelists emails from the domain

2 TTC-2

Step 2

Now just fill in the few final pieces of info in the form below. Make sure you've submitted all your roles above and you're done! We look forward to welcoming you to the TTC!