Inclusion and Diversity Directory

Our Inclusion and Diversity Directory provides information on UK programmes and organisations promoting and supporting diversity in technology. In this directory, we capture the names of initiatives, how they support a practical pipeline of diversity and the cost (if any) of the programme for individuals and/or organisations. It will also highlight programmes that companies can support through sponsorship. 

Our Inclusion and Diversity Directory is publicly available to enable access to, and sharing of, programmes across the UK. This directory is powered by DotInsights an open source data set that brings together information on organisations, people and initiatives, viewable and filterable by a number of different attributes. Use the directory to explore the data, utilising the menu bar at the top to allow you to filter and sort the data and generate the views most useful to you.

At this stage, the data has one view as seen below and is read-only. But this version is continually evolving.

To add to the Inclusion and Diversity Directory, please follow these three steps:

  1. Check whether a) your organisation and b) your initiative are already listed by searching the Inclusion & Diversity Directory.
  2. If your organisation is not listed, add it using this Organisation Form. You must ensure that the blue TTC box at the bottom of the form stays ticked.
  3. Once your organisation is added, or if it was already in the directory, add your initiative using this Initiatives Form
    Here are more detailed instructions with examples and FAQs.